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Ki | ne | tic:

of, relating to, or resulting from motion; depending on movement for its effect.



Martha Ciana, RMT, offers therapeutic care to people of all ages, stages, and walks of life. She has a passion to get people moving and living their lives to their fullest potential. 

Therapeutic massage begins with a needs assessment and an evaluation of impairments, such as a torn ligament or a sore back. The therapist is able to create a custom treatment based on each client's specific needs, making use of all their techniques and practical experience.

At Kinetic Care, a new client will take a brief interview and complete an intake form at the beginning of their first appointment. They will also undergo postural analysis and orthopaedic tests to assess their needs before a treatment is designed. Once treatment has been discussed, the client gets on the table. 


Continuing education is a large part of professional massage therapy. Anatomy reviews, updating techniques and reviewing knowledge takes place on an ongoing basis. Martha considers her specialized knowledge and continuing education a toolbox of techniques that she can draw from for her clients. For her, the toolbox includes neuromuscular techniques, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, hydrotherapy, hot stones, percussion and cupping. 

Port Hope has a very collaborative culture when it comes to healing. Referrals are often made between professions and Martha has a large circle of referrals including psychologists, naturopaths, physiotherapists, acupuncturists. 

Martha's relationship with Whale family chiropractic clinic has been ongoing since her graduation. In 2015, Martha moved her practice within their clinic and began working alongside the chiropractors. The results has meant a more collaborative approach to healing. 


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Kinetic Care

Massage Therapy




30 Minutes $60

45 Minutes $75

60 Minutes $85

90 Minutes $125

120 Minutes $165

* Prices include HST

Massage makes a great gift for yourself or for a friend. Purchase a gift certificate for a massage with Martha and save it for a rainy day or pass it on to someone who would benefit from a treatment. Martha has experience with children, expectant mothers and the elderly.


Monday to Friday


By Appointment Only 

Cancellation Policy

A $25 fee will be charged for a cancellation made within 24 hours of the appointment. 

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kineTic Care 

Massage Can Help



Acute Pain

Newly twisted ankles, sprains and strains and even broken bones can be treated right away (after being checked by an MD or a nurse practitioner). There are a number of techniques that can greatly reduce pain, aid the healing process and reduce the risk of damage. Massage would likely include use of ice and elevation to help decrease any inflammation and minimize scar tissue formation. There are also a great deal of passive movement exercises, which your therapist can guide you through, to aid recovery.

Repetitive Strain Disorders

Bursitis, Carpel Tunnel, and tendonitis are but a few examples of repetitive strain injuries. These strains typically require some kind of intervention because they will not heal on their own. Often a multi-pronged approach is the most effective; using techniques like manual therapy, heat and exercises. Depending on the severity of the condition, these treatments are often limited to frequent treatments of 30 minutes.

Parkinson’s, Cancer,
Multiple Sclerosis

The management of many chronic conditions benefit from the addition of massage. Stress, pain and anxiety comes with diagnosis of these conditions, which can have a huge impact on daily life. Specifically, massage helps to temporarily increase dopamine, making it effective in temporarily providing relief for pain and loss of sensation. Gentle massage can reduce anxiety. If you have questions about how massage may improve or worsen your condition, consult your local doctor or nurse practitioner. Specifically, massage helps to temporarily increase dopamine, it is effective in temporarily providing relief of pain and loss of sensation and gentle massage can reduce anxiety. If you have questions about how massage may improve or worsen your condition, consult your local doctor or nurse practitioner.


Pre-natal Massage

Massage throughout pregnancy has many benefits to both baby and mom. Of the very long list of benefits, my favourites include: reduction of fatigue, increased elasticity of skin, improved digestion and decreased hip and pelvic discomfort. Massage has been shown to help reduce the risk of complications during labour and shorten delivery time. It can also help with prevention and treatment of postpartum complications. Massage is recommended for every trimester and postpartum.

Relaxation, Stress Management

No matter what the reason for the stress in your life, the slow rhythmic techniques of massage along with the application heat and breathing exercises have been clinically proven to lower levels of a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol has been linked to immune and endocrine issues. Just one hour a month of massage has been shown to increase quality of life for people of all ages.


Headaches can be the results of muscle tension in the shoulders, neck and/or sinuses. Massage includes techniques for treating most causes of headaches, with often immediate relief and help with long term positive results.

Chronic Pain

Sometimes after an injury has healed the pain remains. This can be a result of nerve damage, scar tissue or a feedback loop of pain within the brain. Massage, heat and breathing exercises have been shown to help break feedback loops and exercises to strengthen weakened muscles can be very effective in retraining muscles and nerves.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you accept health plans or coverage?

We submit to most major health insurance plans. Contact me to see if you're covered.

How will I feel after a Massage?

Most people feel relaxed and free from pain after massage. After initially feeling slowed down, people often experience an increase in energy. It is very important to drink water after a massage and whenever possible, have a hot Epsom salt bath. If you do have pain it is normal and should clear up within 24 hours. If pain persists beyond a day, call your massage therapist because it is a sign something new is presenting and should be addressed. 


Do I need a doctor’s note?

Massage is no longer covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Program (OHIP), so you don’t need a referral if you are paying out of pocket. If you have additional insurance, your carrier might need proof of a doctor’s note. Your massage therapist will provide you with a receipt with a registration number that your insurance carrier will need.

Can I have a massage if I’m sick?

Generally the short answer is yes, you can have a massage when you are sick, but one of two things may happen: due to the increase of circulation, your symptoms may worsen for a short time but your recovery will be faster, or there may be no change at all.


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Martha Ciana

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Kinetic Care is located within
Whale Family Chiropractic:

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Address  23 Queen Street, Port Hope, Ontario L1A 2Y8



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